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        Aerospace-Avionics In Aerospace-avionics, we note indications of good prospect in terms of acquisition of additional aircraft of various sizes, replacement over the medium to long-term of aircraft which are less fuel-efficient and upgrading/replacement of cockpit instrumentation system/sub-systems.


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        PCB Assembly involves the placement of the components such as ICs and transistors on a Printed Circuit Board. We manufacture PCBAs and related assemblies for aircraft cockpit instrumentation, mainly navigational, communications, flight control and safety systems; medical analytical instruments;


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        Box-Build assembly is the assembly of the complete products. This involves the design and value added engineering on the assembly of completed PCBAs, Product Sub-assemblies and other parts e.g., electronic and electrical components,


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        Want to say Hey or find out more?

        For Sales enquiry : AIM-sales@aimcorp.com.sg and AMC-sales@amcl.com.sg

        Our Services at a Glance

        PCBA – Printed Circuit Board Assembly (Full Turnkey)
        AIM has more than 15 years experience in the full turnkey printed circuit board assembly.

        Box- Build and Electro-Mechanical Sub-Assemblies
        AIM provides design and value added engineering on the assembly of completed PCBAs, Product Sub-assemblies and other parts.

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        Welcome to AIM CORP.LTD

        Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Corp. Ltd. (AIM Corp) is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider specialising in medium to high-end applications.

        AIM Corp is the holding company of an integrated group of companies which has been providing innovative manufacturing solutions to the electronics industry since 1987.

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