Our Mission

To provide world-class responsiveness to our customers by offering the highest quality products and services to ensure total customer satisfaction. The craving need for continuous improvement, enhancement and ways to achieve competitive leadership will continue to be the main driving force behind our success.


CORPORATE PURPOSE we aim to be the market leader in contract manufacturing by increasing the productivity of our resources and improving the quality and reliability of our products.

OUR CUSTOMERS knowing our customers’ needs is fundamental to our survival and growth. We strive to meet our customers’ objectives. Our goal is to provide reliable and superior products that offer innovative solutions to our customer’ problems. We work hard to understand our customer’ businesses so as to anticipate their needs and enhance their effectiveness.

OUR EMPLOYEES Our corporate goals are best achieved in an environment that encourages continuous work-in-process improvements, total quality management and employee satisfaction through mutual respect, confidence, honesty, openness and competency. Our policy is to share our success with the people who make it possible.

OUR SUPPLIERS we place strong emphasis on associating with suppliers who are financially stable, competent, honest and consistent in their delivery and quality commitments.

OUR COMMUNITY Our goal is to be an asset to every community in which we operate by creating a stable employment and support worthy causes.

OUR GROWTH Our growth each year enhances our corporate image and is accomplished by continuously broadening our knowledge in the industries we serve and also through joint ventures and acquisitions that fall within the scope of our business definition.

OUR QUALITY POLICY AMC Pte Ltd / P.T. AMC Bintan / AMC (Penang) Sdn Bhd is committed to service our customers with world-class workmanship standard achieved by our constant analysis and continuous improvement while complying with both statutory and International regulations by rigorously maintaining the effectiveness of our quality system in our internal and external key process and recognizing our employee’s contribution congruent with our solid management culture.

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