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        HR System & Policies

        2006 Promote work-life balance
        2006 Revise childcare leave policies to help employees balance the demands of work and family
        2007 Introduce self-assessment system for setting personal objectives and reviewing performance
        2007 Introduce internal open recruitment system
        2007 Establish Key Performance Indicators measurement
        2007 Implement various staff training programs
        2008 Company obtained approval to allot and issue new shares to the company’s share option scheme and shares performance plan

        Factory Visit

        AIM attaches great importance to communications between senior management and individual employee. Every month the senior management has committed a time to visit the Bintan plant to hold face-to-face meetings with the local managers and employees, which provided opportunities for the local staff to speak directly with the senior management. The objective of the visit is to enable senior management to communicate AIM’s strategies and other key messages and hear directly from the front lines.

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